Your Ternate Destination

Hello, here i try to make one english version about my story in Ternate.. yeaa, since i noticed that some of you guys looked interested enought whit my blog about Ternate. Soooo, here we go !

One of my documentation fo Kalamata Fortress.

I went to Ternate by ship from Morotai Island on early June, 2018. I stayed in my friend room, for just about 3 days and 2 night before i going back to Semarang, central java. But if you search for homestay or any hotels you can find it easily. Ternate is a little busy city than Morotai and Tidore.

What you can do while you stay in Ternate? you can do a lot of things guys. You can go for diving, culinery, you can go to Tolire lake, or do you interesting with the history of Ternate and Portugis? you can check some place like Kalamata fortress, Tolukko, and Oranje fortress/castle. From Kalamata fortress you can see Tidore and Maitara island, you would like it. Tolukko fortress also nice to be on your list destination, it’s in east of Ternate island, just a little fortress but the landscape, you would like it. All of this fortress are located in the beach and far from the city, but Oranje fortress is located in the middle of the city. It’s a big fortress, you can came and check.

Okee. If you like an adventure or searching for landscape destination you ca go to Tolire Lake. Yeah i know it’s just a lake, but you should come and see. They are contained big and a little Tolire Lake. Another thing i would like to suggest you are going for scuba diving or freediving, whitch one you like the most or both. You can go to Jikomalamo Beach, orrrr you can contact my friends in Laconna Diving Club. Lots of my friends diving there, they are good people. Oh yaa, also if you like to diving in Morotai Island, you should go with Shark Diving Indonesia. You must be like ittt.

Sooo, this is it. If you need any information, i would like and happy to help you. Love.


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